Papa Starr Entertainment  is a motion picture company that focuses on directing, producing and screenwriting. It was founded by David Starr durings the 90s and has since produced and released the action film Tequila Express. The film starred actors like Danny Wood, Christopher Atkins and Tane McClure

     Papa Starr Entertainment is currently in preproduction with Seventh Dimension; a Sci-Fi interdimensional and fantasy film. Casting is not completed at this time.

     Papa Starr Entertainment creator David Starr have over 45 years in the entertainment industry as an actor, writter, director, producer and musician. With his wide variety of talents, he continues to create and entertain the world. 

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IMDB: Tequila Express

A Love Affair With Music

A Love Affair With Music is an album of Soul, R&B and Ballads of love lost and love refound.

Written and performed by David Starr back in the 70s and 80s, all of the original songs have been remastered for all to hear. Listen as the music takes you back to the era of love, a different time, with all the emotions we still feel today.



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